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ABOUT the trainer

Kathy Belec, cpdt-ka, abcdt

Thank you for visiting my website! 

I am a force-free trainer​ and use only science based training methods.

I am very proud to have earned my designation as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, CPDT-KA through the Certified Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

This certification is the first nationally recognized and the only certification that is monitored and standardized for dog training professionals.


I have earned this credential by demonstrating my knowledge, skills, and experience.  I must continue to stay current and informed on knowledge and effective training techniques, equipment and earn continuing education credits to maintain my designation and adhere to a strict Code of Ethics. 

I also graduated with honours from Animal Behaviour College as a certified professional dog trainer in 2012.

I continue to grow as a trainer with every single dog that comes into my life.  I am passionate about what I do, and the dogs are always in my best interest.  My goal is to help every dog owner to build a good relationship and bond in a fun, positive helping way. 


Raise the Woof

Dog Training

Classes will start in August

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"We adopted our Ruby when she was 6 months old through PAWS for Life. Adding a young pup to the family can sometimes be challenging and stressful (in addition to fun and exciting of course), but fortunately for us, Ruby had been in Kathy's foster care. The training that Kathy had provided in those first few months gave us such a great foundation to build on. She had instilled the basic commands such as come, sit, down, stay, and wait. In addition, Ruby was taught to wait patiently for her food, to take treats gently and patiently, and was very nicely kennel trained. We are still constantly refining existing commands and introducing new ones to Ruby, but would never have been off to such a great start had it not been for Kathy's hard work and dedication.

Also, in a more recent visit to Kathy, our Ruby was taught to run on a treadmill! In the dead of winter, this has been a lifesaver. Ruby now looks forward to her runs as supplemental exercise, and it helps to tire her out when hours at the off-leash are still not enough 😉

It is easy to see the true love that Kathy has for all of the dogs that come into her life. I've appreciated feeling heard when I discuss my issues or thoughts with her; you can tell she is concerned with what you as the guardian are wanting to work on with your dog. The honesty, clarity, and sincerity goes above and beyond just a 'job', and it is clear that Kathy is truly invested in your dog and the relationship you have with them. I would recommend Kathy in an instant and will absolutely return to her in the future if need be. If only she could work the same wonders on our cat!!"


- Jess W.   

  Edmonton, AB 

Kathy Belec; she is a life saver. One of the many things I admire and respect about Kathy is her honesty. She always told me about the many challenges/rewards I would face in owning my first puppy. This being said, her guidance, visits and advice helped me to truly understand my puppy Maggie and really know what is the best for her and for us. She has given me the opportunity to raise a puppy that will turn into a successful and well-trained adult. It takes consistency and hard work. Any pet owner owes his/her dog every opportunity to succeed. Thanks again Kathy for teaching me how to teach my puppy. Your insight is an continues to be invaluable.


- Sylvia Trufyn   

  St. Albert, Alberta 

Although Kathy is in Alberta and I'm in Victoria, we were able to connect by phone and work on training me to work with my rescue terrier Birdie. Although I've had dogs before none was anything like this dog. Kathy's desire to help me was evident and genuine. She had so many ideas about supporting Birdie and me in our efforts, all of which worked! She reminded me that dogs like consistency and will test. And test again.
It is so much easier now, in fact a real joy to have Birdie. She wants to please and knows exactly what is expected.


I feel empowered.

- Colleen   

   Victoria, BC   

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