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Private Training 
Private In-Person Sessions

On-line Zoom Sessions 

Phone for prices 
Private training sessions are designed for puppies and dogs.  This is in  a fun, positive reward based training.

Private Sessions - in your home, outside or at training facility.

Zoom On-line Sessions 
Train your dog in the comfort of your home. Zoom sessions are very flexible, you pick day and time that works best for you.  Handouts, homework and e-mail, phone support between sessions,
Good Manners Class
Group Classes

Classes run 1 hour a week for 6 weeks 
This class is a must for any dog,  It will help you understand your dog and help with problem behaviours. Every dog should have basic manners. "Sit", "down", "stay",
"watch" and "leave it" are just a few cues your dog will learn. You and your dog will have fun and a bonding experience together.

Dog's must be people and dog friendly and up to date on vaccinations.

Puppy Class

Group Classes

Classes run 1 hour a week for 6 weeks 

This is the most important period of your puppies life.  You have one chance to do it right.  This fun class will help you learn management of problem puppy behaviours  like, nipping, chewing, housebreaking, jumping up.  You and your pup will learn so much.

Puppies will have some supervised play time with appropriate pups at the end of the class. 


Get your puppy signed up for classes.  Pups must have 2nd set of vaccinations. Pups must be under 20 weeks old during classes

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