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Pandemic Puppies

Oh my goodness, since the Covid-19 pandemic everyone and their dog wants a puppy. Many people are working from home and it seems like it is the perfect time to get a new little puppy. Well, it might seem like a win, win situation for both the dogs and their guardians, but look out, there are some bad consequences if you end up smothering them constantly with all your love and your constant presence.

Puppies love being with people and people of course enjoy being with their pups. Problems happen when the new little puppy never gets an opportunity to be alone. He never gets used to settling himself down, does not learn how to relax and feel comfortable while he is in his crate alone. He may be a prime candidate for separation anxiety. You puppy might just becoming overly dependent with you his guardian. Your puppy starts to experience, panic, fear, anxiety when left on their own, they fall apart. Your puppy never knows if you are coming back. Separation anxiety is a horrible thing for a puppy to have, and it does not just go away. It can become worse.

The good news is you can help prevent this from happening. Get your pup on daily scheduled alone time. Have him go into his crate, that he has already learned to love. Give him a safe chew toy, bone to chew on and leave him alone for about one hour. Have him in an area where he can hear you, but not see you. Eventually have days where you will leave the house.

Eventually, your puppy will get the idea that you are not abandoning him and most importantly, he learns to settle himself down while being all alone.

So enjoy that little puppy as much as you can. You are lucky to be able to have the time with your pup, they are so much fun and great company. This is also a perfect opportunity to work on lots of training and manners with your pup. Shower him with tons and tons of love and affection, just remember to give him his alone moments.

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